1Q: What is the Race Start Time?
A: The race start time is 7:30am for the 10km - 8:30am for the 5km and 9:30am for the 3km.
2Q: Can I run with my child in the 10K, 5K and 3K and if so, do I need to register?
A: A parent may run with a child in the fun run, and the parent will need to register as well.
3Q: How do I modify my entry?
You can modify in your registration however email us directly at – info@avaalgroup.com – if you have further requirements
4Q: I am registered but will be unable to attend because I have a wedding / am going out of town / got injured / have to work. Can I get a refund?
A: We do not offer refunds under any circumstances as is stated in our refund policy that you agreed to when you registered. We will, however, unlike most events, allow you to transfer your entry, at no cost to you, to a friend/family member if the request is made on or before 5:00 PM on Tuesday March 22 You may do so by e-mailing us the request along with the information for the recipient athlete (please include email address and DOB) to info@avaalgroup.com
5Q: I was unable to attend. Can I still get my tshirt?
A: You can order a Shirt online – by 1st March 2018 or while stocks last.
6Q: Do you permit Baby Joggers, Dogs, Strollers?
A: For safety reasons and that this is a trail type run across sand etc we unfortunately are not able to allow.
7Q: Does this event have Chip Timing?
A: Yes, the 3K, 5K and 10K and will be timed using our disposable RFID Chip timing. The timing chips will be affixed directly to the back of your race bib – there is nothing to put on your shoe.
8Q: Do you have finishers medals?
All finishers will receive a finisher’s medal.
9Q: What is the course like in terms of elevation?
A: The course is up and down on Sand, Pavement and trails - there are a many inclines/declines and you cross footbridges as well as climbing stairs etc.
10Q: Are there training groups for this event?
A: You will have training tips sent to you after you register – we do encourage you to join up with the nearest PlusFitness to help you along the way.
11Q: Do you accept race night registration?
A: Yes, we do, provided there is still space available. We accept online payment when registering on race day.
12Q: Why is there a “Transaction fee” to register online?
A: This fee exists to cover the credit card processing fees that we are charged to process the transaction. We aim to find online providers and banks with the lowest fees in order to keep that cost as low as possible.
13Q: Can I run with my dog or other four-legged friend?
A: We love dogs and know many runners and walkers out there enjoy exercising with them by their side. However, we must limit canine participation in all our events to those which are seeing eye dogs for those who are sight-impaired. Otherwise, dogs (and any other pets) unfortunately are not allowed on the beach - We kindly ask that you leave your pets at home during the event.
14Q: Can I run with an ipod?
A: We strongly discourage running/walking with an ipod/music device because it impairs your ability to use one of your most important senses when running: your hearing. You are less likely to hear key sounds around you such as: direction of course marshalls/police; oncoming vehicles; emergency vehicles; bicycles; other athletes on the course. If you decide to run with an ipod, we suggest putting a bud in only one ear and keeping the volume at a low enough level that you can remain aware of your surroundings.
15Q: Are hydration packs allowed?
A: Yes
16Q: Am I allowed to start late? Say, at 8:30 AM?
A: No. This would create safety issues.
17Q: Am I allowed to start early? Say, at 5:30 AM?
A: Unfortunately no, our permits do not allow for early starts.
18Q: What will each fluid station offer on the course?
A: All fluid stations will have water.
19Q: Do you have a tracking app?
A: We have tracking of results for all divisions, but there is no app to buy and/or download. You can use our website results page.
20Q: What is the cut off time for the Events? Is it walker friendly?
A: The course amenities (water stations, volunteers, etc) will remain in effect for those on pace for a finish time of 2 hours from the first wave start. The finish line (timing) will remain open until 3 hours and 30 minutes. We encourage walkers, runners, joggers and everything in-between. However, due to the evening nature of this race and with consideration to our permits and volunteers on the course, we have established these timelines.
21Q: Where should we park?
A: Parking is available in the streets around the course first in basis - See below map. We do suggest using Public Transport to arrive and depart from the event. Do you have a question not answered here? Please feel free to e-mail us.
22Q. What are the Terms and Conditions?
A. Click here to view full terms and conditions.
23Q: Can I walk the 10km or is it only the 3km or 5km we are allowed to walk?
A: You can choose to walk either the 10km or 3km or 5km events. Walkers will be released as the last group in each event.
24Q: Where does the fun run start and Finish?
A: The fun run will start and finish from Griffith Park, the oval on Anzac Ave, Long Reef.
25Q: What happens if its raining/what is the bad weather policy?
Email confirmation of a cancelled event will be sent if circumstances prevent the running of the Cliff Side Run & Sea festival. Event will only be cancelled if out of the organisers control.